The Natural Gas and Energy Association of Oklahoma (“NGEAO”) boasts a rich history of being founded and supported by leaders in the energy industry working as career professional energy marketers and traders.

Founded in 1966 as the Gas Men’s Association of Oklahoma, later renamed the Natural Gas Association of Oklahoma (NGAO) to more accurately reflect the diversity of the membership, the organization was originally created as a social event for energy marketing professionals to gather, meet with customers, and get deals done.

Renamed in 2003 to NGEAO to reflect a more encompassing environment for emerging energy sources, markets, and trading diversity as a result of deregulation, today NGEAO proudly supports its hundreds-strong active and retired members through networking opportunities, luncheons, professional education workshops, and fund-raising events for charity.

NGEAO’s signature event, the Annual Conference, was historically held for decades at Shangri-La near Vinita, OK before moving to Oklahoma City in 2009 and later to Tulsa in 2012. The NGEAO Annual Conference is a two-day event where members participate in different activities and raise money to benefit energy-focused education scholarships and other charities.  Today the organization hosts different events all across Oklahoma.

Throughout the evolution and cycles of the energy industry, NGEAO has consistently provided a platform for energy marketing professionals to work together and share ideas on how to market and transport energy efficiently and safely across the United States and abroad.  That decades-long tradition continues.